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More than 75 years of combined experience holding dog owners accountable

Approximately 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, and one in five dog bites requires medical attention. If you, your spouse or your child was bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for physical, psychological and emotional injuries. The Law Office of Bryman & Apelian A Professional Corporation has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura, Fresno, Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley, Covina, Riverside, Bakersfield, San Francisco and all other counties throughout the state of California. Our attorneys offer more than 75 years of combined legal experience holding owners accountable for the violent actions of their dogs.

What to do after a dog bite

Under California law, dog owners must take reasonable measures to ensure their dogs don’t hurt anyone. The California Dog Bite Statute holds dog owners liable even if the dog has no history of violence — and even if your injury does not involve a bite. If a dog jumps on you and knocks you down, you may be eligible for damages for your injury. If you or your child suffered a serious injury from an altercation with a dog, follow these steps:

  • Immediately seek medical attention It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention as soon as you can after a dog bite. For one, a doctor’s report is solid evidence of injury and it is helpful when you pursue a claim to present documentation that links the dog attack to the injury. The second and more important reason is that a doctor can test you or your child for rabies and make sure you or your child victim is emotionally stable after a potentially traumatizing incident.
  • Notify Animal Control so that they can document the event and take appropriate action.
  • Notify the dog owner If the dog’s owner did not witness the accident, you should ensure he or she knows about it.
  • Discuss your legal options —If you, your spouse or your child was attacked or bitten by a dog please call our office to discuss your legal options with a qualified dog bite attorney at the Law Office of Bryman & Apelian.

You may be entitled to a full monetary recovery even if you were partly at fault for the dog attack — for instance, if you accidentally provoked the dog with food or toys. Pets are considered property under California, and every property owner owes a duty to the public to maintain reasonably safe property. Just as negligent property owners are liable for slippery floors, they are liable for vicious dogs.

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