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Our Agoura Hills Truck Accident Attorneys Assist Injured Individuals Throughout California

Decades of experience protecting truck accident victims

Truck accidents present serious problems for their victims. Their large size and heavy weight makes trucks extremely dangerous for other motorists on the road — one out of every nine traffic fatalities results from a truck related accident. The Law Office of Bryman & Apelian A Professional Corporation provides aggressive assistance to those who have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a truck-related accident. Our firm’s two partners have nearly six decades of combined personal injury related experience and have dedicated their careers to protecting truck accident victims in the fight for full and fair compensation in accidents involving driver negligence, mechanical failure, hazardous or improperly loaded cargo and many other causes. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for injured individuals throughout the state of California. We can help you, too!

Determining who is at fault in your truck related accident

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in a truck-related accident or your loved one was injured or killed in a fatal crash, that involved a truck, determining who should be named as defendants can be a complex process. At Bryman & Apelian, our truck accident lawyers have extensive experience handling truck accident-related claims and lawsuits throughout Southern California and Northern California. We work with expert accident reconstructionists and carefully examine important evidence such as hours of service (HOS) logbooks to investigate what went wrong and all who are at fault for the various errors. We examine the role each of the following parties played in causing your accident:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The cab owner, if the cab did not belong to the trucking company or the driver
  • The truck driver's employer, if the company was not the direct employer of the driver
  • The mechanics who worked on the truck
  • Any independent contractors
  • The insurance company responsible for the truck
  • The manufacturers of defective mechanical parts, if applicable
  • Cargo owners and shippers, particularly in cases involving hazardous materials

You can rely on our firm for diligent, effective representation throughout the entirety of your suit. Our 18-Wheeler accident attorneys have a thorough understanding of State and Federal laws concerning truck drivers and the various transportation guidelines enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  This valuable information is often times very helpful when used to our client's advantage.

We will work on your case and treat it as if the case involved a family member. We will do whatever is necessary to maximize your recovery from all responsible parties. At Bryman & Apelian, we do not care how many other lawyers you have spoken to or how many of them have rejected your case. Over the years, we have been able to obtain Millions of Dollars for victims of accidents who where told by other lawyers that they had "No Case." So please give us a call so that we may discuss the facts of your case with you. We would love the opportunity to serve you in your time of need.

You only pay if you win

The Law Office of Bryman & Apelian A Professional Corporation serves Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and all other counties north of San Francisco and Sacramento. We offer free initial consultations to answer all of your preliminary questions and we will not charge you anything unless you obtain a fair recovery! Our Agoura Hills attorneys gladly provide flexible office hours, as well as in-home and hospital visits for your convenience if necessary. Reach out to our firm online or simply call us now at 818.225.5151 for your free in-person consultation.