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The Law Office of Bryman & Apelian is a top-of-the-line personal injury practice serving clients throughout southern California. Our attorneys have extensive experience producing stellar results for victims of serious accidents, catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. In fact, we have earned our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments over the course of our careers, and some of our case outcomes have brought about the removal of unsafe products from the marketplace and have even lead to the passing of new California law.

Though Seven and Eight figure verdicts or settlements are not an uncommon result for BRYMAN & APELIAN clients, the list of some of our cases below represents some of the results we are most proud of since they all were cases where our clients had either been told by other lawyers they had contacted before us that they had “no case” or were cases where the insurance company representing the defendants offered Zero dollars.

About the case Result
Our infant client was improperly extubated at a hospital, resulting in an injury to
his brain due to a lack of oxygen.
Hospital Doctors and Nurses failed to diagnose and treat an injured motorcyclist's Compartment Syndrome, resulting in a below-the-knee amputation. $3,820,924.80
Maintenance man was killed when an elevator struck him as he was cleaning adjacent to the elevator. Case was against the management company, owner of the property and the elevator company. $3,750,000
Our client, while undergoing back surgery, woke up partially paralyzed due to
doctor errors and negligent monitoring.
Surgeons, Hospital staff members and two companies hired to Monitor our client failed to react to an emergency situation resulting in paralysis to their patient. $3,574,865.61
A Hauler's leg got crushed when K-rails moved during loading shifted. $2,775,000
Injured individual received verdict plus costs and interest in a non-impact vehicle accident. $2,482,125
Government entity and others were held responsible for failing to protect the welfare of the public. $2,300,000
50 year old woman slips on water/ice in the parking lot of a hotel during daylight hours fracturing her wrist and developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. $2,200,000
A Scissor Jack collapsed while being used to change a tire resulting in RSD to the user. $2,200,000
A 5 MPH Rear-end automobile impact results in back injury. $2,100,000
Our 85 year old client bumped her foot against a standing 4 foot box in a store isle causing her to fall and fracture her leg, requiring surgery. The Insurance Company for the store blamed our client for not paying attention. $2,005,018
Our client was caused to become blind in one eye due to a defective load binder
A worker sustained a third-degree burn when a crane made contact with a Southern California Edison overhead power line. $1,845,000
An orthopedic doctor conducted an inappropriate physical examination of his 17-year-old patient. Confidential
Individuals received serious burns when an underground vault exploded. $1,800,000
Our client fell and fractured her hip after encountering a step that was not clearly
Man dropped a small hand-size butane torch while attempting to light a cigarette and was injured when a fire resulted. $1,750,000
Earth mover machine that did not beep in reverse struck a worker, resulting in partial paralysis. $1,590,000
A motorcyclist struck a cement divider that was placed on a roadway. $1,565,000
Excessive force used by Oakland police resulted in injury to onlooker. Confidential
Our client was injured when improperly placed merchandise on a store shelf fell
onto her, causing her to undergo neck surgery.
Our client slipped and fell, fracturing her hip while trying to walk upon a loose
gravel walkway that we argued was unsafe.
Worker fell off a ladder and was blamed for not paying attention. $1,500,000
Patient panicked while on an electrical stimulation machine and developed a conversion disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. $1,461,500
Our client received third-degree burns while using a defective fryer. $1,387,500
Nurse missed a patio step at a hospital she was working at $1,371,224.79
A Teenage boy was accidentally shot by another minor with a B gun. $1,350,000
Restaurant held responsible for the shooting and stabbing of our client outside in a parking lot as a result of its failure to provide adequate security and to call 911 in a timely manner. Thankfully, our client did fully recover from his injuries. $1,176,866
Injury to one's spine from being rear-ended at 25 miles per hour $1,175,000
The vehicle of a 62 year old man was rear-ended on a city street. Believing he was not injured he drove to work as usual. $1,150,000
Load indicator was bypassed, causing man-basket to tip. $1,150,000
Wind blew garage door down, hitting and injuring an auto repair store employee. $1,109,000
Wrongful termination of a California State Prison staff member. $1,082,613.13
Woman holding a baby slipped in a puddle as she left a restaurant, sustaining serious back injuries that required surgery. $1,050,000
Our client fell from his delivery truck and sustained internal injuries after he
opened the back of his truck and the load, which was improperly loaded by
another company, fell upon him.
Woman drove into a trash bin placed on her street that was not apparent to her due to missing reflective devices and reflective tape, resulting in orthopedic injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. $975,000
Plaintiff inadvertently tripped and fell 35 feet through roof skylight, suffering fractures and traumatic brain injury. Claim against skylight manufacturer, contractor, owner and others. $975,000
Rider thrown from a horse when a stable worker galloped by, spooking the horse and resulting in the rider's death. $900,000
Injured motorist received compensation for a low back injury from an accident just months after being involved in another rear-end accident. $880,000
Outfielder playing softball, running to make a catch accidentally ran into a steel pole that belonged to the scoreboard. $840,000
Our client was injured when another car in the parking lot of a shopping mall ran a 4-way stop and struck her car. Initially our client went to a chiropractor for approx. 7 weeks and did not treat thereafter until 4 years later. $835,000 Plus Trial Costs
Special needs child struck by baseball bat under improper supervision. $825,000
Plaintiff suffered fractured foot. Insurance company (defendant) failed to offer its $100,000 policy limits in timely fashion. $807,069.44
Man injured while walking between a moving trailer and a parked car. $800,000
Pedestrian lawfully crossing within a designated crosswalk was struck by an automobile and injured (but thankfully did not need surgery). $800,000
A worker who cleaned the inside of a large metal tank received third-degree burns when the tank exploded. $784,000
A roofer lost his balance and fell from a roof, resulting in injuries. $770,000
Our client tripped over a merchandise rack in a store and received an injury to
her brain
Our client tripped over an electrical cord while she was shopping, resulting in her
having to have shoulder surgery
A 77-year-old volunteer worker operating a 1940 tractor inadvertently was struck when the tractor went out of gear, suffering multiple facial fractures. $750,000
An 81-year-old woman slipped and fell from water in a women's restroom, sustaining a fractured hip. $750,000
A 16-year-old was injured while on an amusement ride at City Walk. $750,000
Wrongful death of person struck while illegally crossing a street. $750,000
Our client tripped over a single step at a home she was visiting and fractured her
elbow. We claimed that there was an unsafe condition created as well as
improper lighting.
Product liability — defective punch press — lack of safety guards. $700,000
Woman tripped on an unpainted part of construction site fence, resulted in surgeries and an infection. $700,000
High school student inadvertently struck by golf club during physical education class. $695,000
Worker crushed two fingers when his hand became caught in a moving chain under a piece of industrial equipment. The claim was against the manufacturer of the machine for failure to provide adequate machine guarding. $675,000
Auto vs. motorcycle accident. $625,000
60-year-old woman trips over sidewalk lifted by tree roots $612,480.18
Trip and fall over a curb located in a parking lot. $575,000
Trip and fall on airport sidewalk that was uneven and dangerous caused injury to our client and the need to redo a back surgery he had years earlier. $550,000
Woman stepped out of a Jacuzzi at her sister's home and stepped into a hole created by Hardscape Design. She developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). $550,000
Passenger on a fishing boat fell from an upper bunk after the captain fell asleep on the boat, causing the boat to impact an island. As a consequence, our client suffered injured a back injury. $550,000
A customer of a car wash reached into his own vehicle to retrieve something as his vehicle was struck by another vehicle driven by a car wash employee. $550,000
Truck vs. pedestrian accident. $545,000
Defective swing set design injured minor child. $535,000
A woman who was speeding and found at fault for causing an accident with another motorist, received a lower spine injury and suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. $525,000
Drag racing driver's car was hit from behind by a family's vehicle. $522,500
An 80-year-old grandmother tripped on a broken sidewalk in front of her home, fracturing her shoulder but needing no surgery. $508,762
Negligent truck loading. $502,000
While performing security work at a construction project, our client accidentally
stepped into an open hole and sustained a fractured leg.
Plaintiff slipped and fell on a wet marble floor in her home. $500,000
Roofer backed up and fell off a roof. $500,000
Roofer carrying hot buckets of tar tripped on roof debris and was injured. $500,000
Plaintiff slipped and fell from a slippery grocery store floor. $500,000
A young child was pinned by an improperly secured helium tank at a nail salon, resulting in damage to the tip of her finger. $500,000
Wrongful death of mother operating machinery. Defense argued employer had bypassed safety devices and that the operator failed to shut down the machine before entering the area. $500,000
Our client slipped in water at a grocery store that was improperly inspected.
Fractured hip
An elderly woman fell when she tripped against an unpainted handicapped ramp curb. $475,000
An autistic man slips on a freshly mopped bathroom floor at a fast food restaurant $475,000
A truck's load shifted while a forklift unloading was underway, injuring a worker. $466,250
A medical doctor suffered a fractured ankle and sternum in an automobile accident. $450,000
Our client, who was involved in a relatively minor impact with little damage to her
vehicle, claimed she had injured her neck. Before our firm took over, she had
been offered $15,000 and told she would not receive any more.
Government-issued back pack buckle was too weak, causing it to break and strike the user in the eye, resulting in multiple eye surgeries. $425,000
Woman caught high heel in hole by door installation company intended for bolt. $425,000
Apartment complex handrail broke, causing tenant to fall. $412,500
Plaintiff prevailed after the defense admitted fault for an accident on a fire truck ladder. $408,747
Our client had to undergo ankle surgery because he was not provided with
proper supervision while renting a Segway.
Our client had to undergo a partial finger amputation while using a dangerous
Our client sued a Country Club after she was ejected from a golf cart due to
excessive speed and its improper suspension, fracturing her leg.
Our client slipped and fell in front of a store during rainy conditions and fractured
her elbow. Her fall took place because there were no safety mats in place.
Roll of carpet broke free from binding, striking an elevator passenger and fracturing their ankle. $400,000
A woman fell from a trailer, claiming defects in design of steps. She fractured her wrist and needed multiple surgeries. $400,000
Man who pulls over on side of highway in the emergency lane to look at his directions is struck (while seated) by another vehicle Confidential
A woman struck by the defendant who was making a lane change. The plaintiff needed cervical surgery, which had good results. $395,251
Homeowner falls in an open hole left uncovered at her home. $390,000
Our client slipped and fell on her already injured knee due to some water on the
floor of a grocery store.
Attempts to avoid a disabled vehicle resulted in a multi-vehicle rear ender. $375,000
A malfunctioning refrigerator inadvertently ejected ice onto the owner's kitchen floor, resulting in a fall injury and back surgery. $375,000
A woman sustained injury to her leg while being taught how to ride a moped. $375,000
A child was electrocuted on his grandfather's premises. $365,000
A dock cart without an operational backup alarm struck the plaintiff. $362,000
A cheerleader injured her back while performing a stunt. Improper supervision and lack of safety mats. Compression fracture. $350,000
Our client had to have hip surgery because she slipped on an improperly placed
floor mat inside a convenience store.
Worker's fingers caught in moving parts of a sanitation truck, resulting in a partial amputation. $321,227
Worker stepped on a nail at a construction site. Lack of appropriate safety inspection on the job site and improper nail disposal resulted in a partial toe amputation. $320,000
Our client fell when he caught his foot on a piece of exposed rebar that the City
allowed to remain present, resulting in injuries.

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